Our expertise

We do it best

All products, components and parts at Pacoma originate in an interlinked manufacturing process. Our entire production and demand planning is supported by SAP while process management is conducted using the Kanban Method. This approach is cost-efficient, ensures stable processes and guarantees uniform quality levels. In addition, it facilitates supply processes on a "just in time" basis.

Pacoma makes use of friction welding for all its piston rods up to 140 mm diameter. This makes for significantly stronger bonding than traditional gas welding. For the cylinder housings, skiving and roller burnishing techniques are used. In skiving, the inner surfaces of the housing achieve an absolutely precise finishing. With the roller burnishing step, flawless sealing surfaces are produced.

In production as well as in prototyping and in the assessment area, Pacoma makes use of the Finite Element Method (FEM). The challenge with this method is to extract the relevant findings from the data that has been obtained. As a pioneer in the use of FEM techniques, Pacoma has accumulated many years of experience and is thereby well-positioned to arrive at fully engineered designs at an early stage of the development process. Customers benefit from this expertise through speedier development, effective use of materials and utlimately in receiving top quality products.


Global reach

Europe, Asia, America …

Pacoma is a global player in the field of hydraulic cylinders. With locations for production and sales in Germany, China and the USA, we are present in the key world markets.

Pacoma participates in all of the important industry exhibitions also as a means to maintain close contacts with our customers and suppliers. Our customers benefit from the proximity we have to diversified users of our products around the world.

Good purchasing conditions, trend-setting research and development and globally uniformed high quality standards are the factors that distinguish Pacoma. The critical technological edge that results from these factors is reflected in our superior products that can constantly meet growing requirements from around the world. This is what makes Pacoma a strong and dependable partner. We are always thinking ahead together with our customers.


Direct to serial production

Pacoma has its own fully equipped machinery with modern metal-cutting machines for producing prototypes. This allows prototyping to occur largely independently from on-going production. All processes can run on a parallel basis and we are entirely independent of suppliers of corresponding components. This enables us to shorten development and supply times and makes it possible for us to configure individual parts on a highly variable basis.

Upon receipt of a customer inquiry, the commercial terms are first clarified. Then Pacoma prepares the first draft design drawing. On the basis of this draft, our specialists can produce the prototype for the new application – including all welding work, assembly, in-house testing and measurements. The result is a prototype that is remarkably close to final serial production.

The produced prototype is put to functional test in the customer’s machine. If required, design fine-tuning is undertaken through detailed exchange between Pacoma's specialists and the customer to fully meet the specific requirements. Only when the prototype in its final form fulfills all the customer’s requirements will serial production immediately commence.


Always at your service

Customer support at Pacoma starts from the first customer contact and extends throughout the continuous development process of our hydraulic cyclinders.

Our engineering department considers all the parameters required by the customer, such as the position and dimensions of the installation space, the required strength, the desired diameters as well as the range of desired capabilities. On this basis and in close collaboration with the customer we create the ideal cylinder befitting the customer's application. The resulting cylinder will  be constructed exactly to fit all the requirements of the customer's machine.

Our technically savvy sales team is always available to the customer - before, during and after product development. The team is there to answer questions, ensure that matters are handled promptly and directly, to provide practical tips and when required to forward relevant matters directly to the Technical Department.

In this manner we discover significant savings potential for our customers and are able to identify together with our customers highly efficient solutions. Our customers can reach out to us anytime on matters regarding maintainance, support or enhancement of our products.