Pacoma goes USA!

In order to reduce delivery times and to improve the delivery performance, Pacoma GmbH established a warehouse near Gettysburg (PA).

“The decision for the warehouse in the US was not difficult. Customers in the USA expect shorter delivery times and a more flexible reaction to short term changes in demand. These expectations align with our strategic orientation and the Gettysburg warehouse positions Pacoma for further growth in the strategic important markets in the Americas”, stated CEO Phil Liao. Mr Liao elaborated, “Currently, we have manufacturing sites in all the important markets. Hydraulic cylinders for the Americas are currently manufactured and shipped to the USA per container. In the near future, in addition to Eschwege (GER) and Fenghua (CN), we plan to manufacture cylinders in the USA to be an even more attractive and flexible partner for strategically important customers.”

The setting up of the Gettysburg warehouse would enlarge Pacoma’s global footprint throughout markets in Europe, Asia and the USA, where the customers for premium hydraulic cylinder customers are located.