Pacoma shines with new online presence

Just in time for the start of the PTC Asia, Pacoma is launching its new website.

A lot has happened in Pacoma's online world. Where earlier web visitors mostly encountered images of construction machinery, today they will find Pacoma's own hydraulic cylinders in the spotlight. "In the past, people had the impression that we produce construction machinery," observes Pacoma managing director Phillip Liao. "The aim of the new concept is therefore to put the focus on our own products so that customers can clearly see what we can do for them. The fact is Pacoma develops and manufactures top quality hydraulic cylinders that feature the very latest hydraulic technology."

The clear and well-structured website has a minimalist design which creates a perfect stage for presenting the Pacoma's highly regarded products. Because the website has been put together using Responsive Design programming, it displays in optimal form on all the devices of Pacoma customers from desktops to tablets to smart phones. "With the new website we now have a strong tool that will position the Pacoma brand more clearly," says Liao underlining the significance of the new presence, and adds: "Thanks to new online forms customers now can send their inquiries to us in a more detailed and convenient form which will speed up our processes and give lasting support to our sales department."