Pacoma hydraulic cylinders

Always a great choice

Pacoma's wide range of hydraulic cylinders is distinguished by its consistently high quality and its outstanding performance.

Our cylinders are developed with state-of-the-art technology for their specified range of applications with the aim of high-volume serial production in our modern production facilities.

Hydraulic advantages

Power and precision

Hydraulic cylinders convey power, energy and signals via a liquid, which is typically oil. The forces within a hydraulic system are produced through pressure. The movement occurs through a flow of volume. The transmitted power is the result of these two factors.

Thus the basic operating principle of hydraulic systems is not different from pneumatic systems. However, the use of fluids rather than air allows for a markedly higher transfer of power and more precise, smoothly regulated movements. In addition, hydraulic systems make it possible for movements with a full load to be made even from a stationary position. Additionally force as well as speed can be regulated on an infinitely variable basis.

Standard parameters

Extensive performance range

To a large extent Pacoma's hydraulic cylinders are individually designed and manufactured. Nonetheless, it is possible to formulate standard parameters that have a general validity for production and various application areas.

Our hydraulic cylinders thus work in the following performance ranges:

Operating pressure:20 to 420 bar

Oil temperature range:-30 to +80 °C

Piston speed:Up to 0.5 m/s

Piston Ø:25 to 260 mm

Rod Ø:16 to 140 mm

Stroke:Up to 6 000 mm

We would be glad to discuss specifications that differ from the standard parameters upon request.

The surfaces of Pacoma hydraulic cylinders are protected as a general rule with High Solid Lacquers, which are available in RAL colors and gloss levels as desired.

Single-acting cylinders

In one direction

Pacoma's single-acting cylinders feature a highly robust construction. Even under extreme conditions they operate perfectly – flawlessly handling high pressures and high forces. Furthermore they can put up with hostile surroundings whether in the form of water, dirt or temperatures far below freezing point.

Alternatively these cylinders can also be equipped with the Pacoma PaStab technology. This special valve technology makes it possible for large mobile devices, machines and vehicles to always maintain a secure position even on uneven terrains resulting in a safe operating environment. Pacoma’s other technologies such as CuSt, P3S and LiRe expand the applicability of our single-acting cylinders. 

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Double-acting cylinders

In two directions

Pacoma is the address of choice for customers looking for a highly reliable double-acting cylinder. The cylinders distinguish themselves with their robust construction, high-quality components and flawless functionality. They stand up to high pressure, intense forces and extreme surroundings and work with absolute reliability even under the most extreme conditions.

Pacoma utilizes here its CuSt cushioning system to ensure smooth cylinder movements thereby protecting not only the cylinder itself but also the entire machine. Our other innovative technologies like LiRe, PaStab and P3S can be utilized in our double-acting cylinders to further enhance their performance and significantly reduce maintenance costs. This makes them truly economical to use.

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Double-rod cylinders

Perfectly synchronized

Pacoma's double-rod cylinders perform with absolute reliability even under extreme conditions. Regardless of environmental influences, they are utilized as steering cylinders, lock cylinders or for some other application. Whatever the use, the sturdy design and high quality of the individual components ensure dependable functioning and excellent durability.

At Pacoma we manufacture these cylinders using our distinctive LiRe technology - a patented left-right-hand threading system for the bonding of the piston and the piston rod. This lowers material costs, allows for up to 5-times more power and also increases durability. Alternatively we may equip these cylinders with our CuSt cushioning system or our automated movement technology P3S.

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Tandem cylinders

Two- in- one

Thanks to their solid design, high-quality components and excellent materials, Pacoma's tandem hydraulic cylinders also work perfectly even under the most extreme conditions. They can withstand high pressure, intense forces and extreme surroundings, for example water, aggressive particles or temperatures far below freezing point.

With these cylinders Pacoma uses its innovative cushioning system (CuSt). This intelligent end position cushioning system retains peak pressures in the cylinder thereby reducing strain on the surrounding machinery and ensuring smooth piston movement. This material-friendly technology enhances safety while at the same time improving operating convenience. The Pacoma cushioning system can easily be combined with other Pacoma technologies such as LiRe, PaStab and P3S.

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Custom-made cylinders

Exactly as required

At Pacoma we develop and produce custom-made cylinders for our customers, for example but not limited to, a telescopic hydraulic cylinder with a particularly long operating range. Our extensive development know-how and in-house prototyping department put us in the position to act promptly and competently on customers’ custom orders.

Custom-made cylinders from Pacoma are just as sturdy, durable and highly functional as our popular standard cylinders. As required, Pacoma technologies such as LiRe, CuSt, PaStab and P3S can be integrated into custom cylinders. Our positioning sensor system P3S, for example, makes it possible to define, program and automate recurrent machine movements for the cylinder.

Simply let us know what your requirements are. With your parameters and the specific area of application, we can identify the ideal cylinder type for you. It’ll be our pleasure to commence customization work on your behalf.

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