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Pacoma's hydraulic cylinders are put to use in countless machines in a vast array of industries and businesses.

Accordingly our customers are to be found in an exceedingly broad range of industries. Trucking, logistics, material handling, waste management, energy production, forestry, agriculture, mining, offshore projects and a host of stationary applications all count among the industries where our products find application.

In all these areas our hydraulic cylinders are indispensable components in high-performance, safe and reliable machines.

Construction machinery

Wheel loaders
Backhoe loaders

Material handling

Mobile cranes
Telescopic handlers
Lift Trucks

Special vehicles

Garbage trucks

Other applications

Customization as required

One of the distinctive strengths of Pacoma is the immense flexibility with which we are able to handle the development, design and manufacture of cylinders.

In addition to the standard and well-known areas of application, we are also capable of planning and manufacturing in serial production custom-made cylinders in large volumes for other less common application areas.

Just let us know what you require.

Standard parameters

Extensive performance range

To a large extent Pacoma's hydraulic cylinders are individually designed and manufactured. Nonetheless, it is possible to formulate standard parameters that have a general validity for production and various application areas.

Our hydraulic cylinders thus work in the following performance ranges:

Operating pressure:20 to 420 bar

Oil temperature range:-30 to +80 °C

Piston speed:Up to 0.5 m/s

Piston Ø:25 to 260 mm

Rod Ø:16 to 140 mm

Stroke:Up to 6 000 mm

We would be glad to discuss specifications that differ from the standard parameters upon request.

The surfaces of Pacoma hydraulic cylinders are protected as a general rule with High Solid Lacquers, which are available in RAL colors and gloss levels as desired.